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Soft Air Kalishnikov Tactical AK47 Electric Powered Airsoft Rifle
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Soft Air Kalishnikov Tactical AK47 Electric Powered Airsoft Rifle

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The most famous weapon of the 20th Century strikes again with the 60th. Anniversary Tactical edition, part of the Exclusive "GUNS OF HISTORY" Collection. Full official Kalashnikov Trademarks commemorate this 60th year of immortality. Integrated tactical rails make mounting optics and accessories an ease, add in the Nylon Fiber folding stock and tight, close-quarter combat is yours to dominate. The Stealth Black color just adds even more intimidation.


Special Edition 60th. Anniv AK47 RIS. Including FULL Kalashnikov Trademarks and logo.

Integrated tactical rails. Folding, removable fore grip. Nylon Fiber Foldable Stock

Metal upper receiver and barrel. Metal gears/gearbox. 600rd. High Capacity Magazine

Muzzle velocity of 330-380FPS with a .20g BB.and a Power range of approx. 66 yards.

Adjustable Spin-Up Shooting System. Premium 8.4v 1200mah small "Stick" battery and Wall charger included.

Special-edition 60th anniversary AK47 electric-powered airsoft rifle

Muzzle velocity of up to 475 feet per second; fires up to 600 rounds per minute

Metal upper receiver and barrel with metal gears/gearbox; integrated tactical rails

Adjustable spin-up shooting system; premium 8.4-volt "stick" battery with wall charger

This product is restricted from shipment into the state of New York

Read through the user manual under product details for troubleshooting steps.

Product Details:
Product Length: 29.0 inches
Product Width: 25.3 inches
Product Height: 10.5 inches
Product Weight: 8.5 pounds
Package Length: 29.5 inches
Package Width: 10.7 inches
Package Height: 3.7 inches
Package Weight: 8.8 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 144 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.0 ( 144 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

115 of 125 found the following review helpful:

5Best AEG out there!!Apr 15, 2011
By Amazon Customer
This airsoft gun is hands down the best airsoft AEG out there! Like its real world counterpart, this full metal AK-47 showcases the best qualities that makes a good airsoft gun: accurate, high-powered, reliable, excellent construction and inexpensive.



Out of the box, this gun is fairly accurate, although the inner bore is something around 6.08 mm (which is a fairly loose tolerance for high-end airsoft guns). Coming from a sniper platform, where I'm used to the BB flying to precisely where the crosshairs are lined up at 200 feet, this tolerance was not okay for me. I'm really keen on exact precision - anyone else who doesn't need exact precision will be perfectly happy with the stock inner barrel since you can just spray a narrow cone of bullets at 600 rpm. Also, most AEGs will come with an inner bore around 6.05mm to 6.10mm - it's not just this gun, it's almost any gun.

For me, all I had to do was get a 6.01 mm tight bore [...] [...] for $[...] and 30 minutes of install later, this gun was firing BBs at 600 rounds per minute with the same precision as my L96A1 sniper with a 150 foot range!

In addition, you will find that pound for pound, the AK-47 rifles with the 455 mm long inner barrel will do significantly better than any M4 or AK74s out there. Why? The M4s all have a 363 mm inner barrel, which is under the minimum of 400 mm necessary for the BBs to have truly stabilized their flight path. You will see that with the same inner barrel inner diameter, the AK-47 will fire significantly better groupings than its M4 counterpart. M16s do just fine against the AK, but you'll have to spend at least $[...] for just the gun and then $[...] for the inner barrel upgrade. Why pay for more?


This AEG fires near the maximum allowable speed for airsoft skirmishes straight out of the box: nearly 400 FPS. It has the same range as my former AGM MP001 sniper and with the tight-bore upgrade, the BBs fly even a little faster as less air leaks out around the BB! You can't really upgrade this gun unless you want to risk being disqualified at airsoft events with a M120 spring.


This gun has been through many skirmishes and has never jammed once, or failed in any other way. You must use good quality BBs with weights at least 0.20 BBs (I use TSD 0.26g biodegradable BBs). If you put in a crappy no-name brand of 0.12g BBs (especially bio-BBs), expect a jam in any gun! Also, I followed the charging instructions on the battery (charge 12 hours first time, then don't exceed 5 hours of charging for subsequent charges) and I haven't had any problems at all.

One warning, though: when your battery is low, make sure to not fire in semi-auto. This AEG, like all other AEGs, will get a "jammed" gearbox if you fire in semi-auto. To fix it, you will have to recharge the battery to full, and then fire a few rounds. This is due to the way the semi-auto stopping pin is made on all AEG gearboxes, and this one is no exception.

Excellent construction:

This AEG uses all metal components, and non of that crappy pot-metal either. The rifle is made from high grade cast aluminum for almost all of its components. The plastic parts are what you would want to have plastic - the handle, etc. The plastic parts are extremely well made (like the magazine) and have never broken or shown any sign of wear at all after extensive use.


I have shopped around for quite a while and you will not be able to find a AEG for this low of a price that combines all the above attributes, period. You might be able to find one on eBay, but you're taking a chance there. This AEG is protected (like very few airsoft guns are) by Amazon's excellent return policy and if you're a Prime member, you get free returns in a case something goes wrong, which is excellent for any airsoft gun! (not that you'd need to return this)


Overall, this is the best AEG you could want! It has the accuracy of a sniper, the firing rate of a machine gun and the low price that's the hallmark of the AK-47!

52 of 54 found the following review helpful:

4Great GunSep 05, 2011
By Alice Engelmore
I got this gun as a gun that I could take to buy in airsoft wars, being that it said that it was 330 fps and shot 600 rpm. I really like the gun and would recommend it. Although the way it was shipped was odd, (a hand written address on the box and coming on a Saturday) the gun is great. Also, even though the description on line said that the gun was 330-380 fps it came shooting 495 fps, AWESOME!

Fast shooting (600rpm)
Big mag (550 rounds)
Decent iron sights
Many tactical rails
Realistic weight
Folding stock

Crappy fore-grip
The attachment for the sling clanks loudly when the gun is moved, but a strip of tape fixed it.

Overall, great gun, really recommend it.

27 of 29 found the following review helpful:

4Great gun for a great priceJul 05, 2011
By Mikey S.
I have had this rifle for about 3 weeks now and have taken it on 2 all day airsoft matches. I received this as a fathers day present so that I would go with my kids to play airsoft and I have to say, it has been a blast. The rifle has done a really great job. I did take off the folding handle, I thought it got in the way and it wasn't a natural hold for me anyway. It has a great rate of fire and using .25 pellets it shot about 350 fps on the fields speed trap. Accuracy is great but you do need to adjust the hopup to fine tune the amount of drop the pellet has. I have yet to run the battery down, even during 6 hour days shooting 3000-4000 rounds. Rate of fire seems to be about on par with most but all the most expensive rifles on the field. I found that .20 gram pellets float a bit so I recommend .25 gram. My son has a more expensive M4 and this rifle seems to do everything it can, though the AK is heavier and I regretted leaving the shoulder harness at home on my first match. I did hook the harness up using the loop on the main body of the rifle and that helped a lot, keeping my arms fresh all day long.

About the battery cover, it is a pain the first few times you try to put it on. I found that tucking the battery cable and plug into the slot at the front of the battery compartment and turning the battery so the flat end is down makes the cover fit pretty good. For some reason if I stand the rifle on it's butt and slip the cover on it attaches the first time every time. I haven't studied why yet but the battery cover is no longer a concern and I have even taken it off and on in the heat of battle trouble shooting my sons M4 battery with no issues.

All in all, I love this rifle and this old man has scored quite a few kills against much younger competitors using it.

23 of 26 found the following review helpful:

5A great 6mm firing replica of a very famous weapon!Dec 09, 2012
By Anthony J. Lomenzo "Doc Tony"
Since there are already 25 reviews on this gun, mostly praising the gun but then too, a few others being disappointed or, as happens, perhaps they simply got a defective gun. No "news" there since in my rather extensive collection of airguns over the years, I've had brand new airguns that didn't work right out of the box and had to be returned. Anyway, it's a good hefty gun and an excellent replica of the real thing. Although the bulk of my airgun collection favors 4.5mm steel BB and pellet firing airguns [.177 through .25 caliber], I like certain "Airsoft" 6mm guns especially those which are CO2 powered or replica model AEG's that can fire both semi and full auto without having to be "modded" as is the usual case with 4.5mm steel BB models and not including those 4.5mm steel BB firing airguns that can fire limited "bursts" like the popular Umarex Steel Storm and EBOS, etc. Of note, of those 6mm Airsoft guns I have, I stick to 0.25 gram 6mm BB's and find that to work out fine [I'm more than willing to do the 'known' trade-off of distance in favor of increased accuracy [with the heavier gram 6mm BB] as my primary use for Airsoft guns is paper target shooting and plinking as opposed to so-called "CQC [Close Quarter Combat] simulated war games" against live Airsoft using opponents although such "simulated war games" have become a very popular sport with folks of all ages.

That all said, to business: I like this gun. It's an excellent replica of the famous AK47 [** BTW, the recent rumor that Mikhail Kalishnikov, who designed the AK47, has allegedly passed away is stated to be, and I quote, " ... a cruel HOAX ... " and the Russian government states that he is, at age 93, very much alive and well] -- anyway, there are a couple of issues that are worth mentioning but, as always, this is just my own perspective and experience with this gun and clearly opinions will widely vary. I was disappointed that there is no "windage" adjustment since the front and rear sight deal with vertical adjustments but not, shall we say, horizontal or windage. Putting a scope on this gun could be trying because of the distance of the Weaver rail in the front of the gun from the eye and although scopes could clearly be 'adapted' to be used on this gun, the length of the scope tube would have to necessitate either a home brew scope or a 'specialized' extended length scope for both rapid and easy eyepiece viewing but which are not cheap! One answer is a front of the gun laser dot scope with a large 30mm or better eye-piece.

The most 'annoying' feature when you first receive this gun is getting rid of that red warning sticker [You know, "This is not a toy .... wear safety goggles ... in both English and French] on the rear of the gun which is one of those NON-peel-off stickers and is clearly meant to remain on the gun until you literally 'scrape' it off but I advise caution there taking it off, no, not for any legal reasons whatsoever since it's perfectly legal to remove that warning sticker, but for reasons that if you 'scrape' the thing off with your fingernail or other sharp razor like object out of simple frustration trying to get it all off, all you will do is scratch and mar the underneath of the label and hence leave scratches and scrape marks on the underlying gun-black itself! Get some of that commercially available Goo-Be-Gone or Sticky-Off 'liquid' label dissolving stuff which greatly assists in 'rubbing' the pesky label off versus 'scratching' it off. As for the orange tip thing and you 'know' what I'm about to say [!], hey, don't be too quick to get EITHER that pesky red warning sticker off ==OR== run for that flat-black paint or Sharpie black magic marker BEFORE you make absolutely sure that everything on the gun works! Returning a gun where the tip has been painted over and the red warning sticker removed could be ample grounds for a refusal by the vendor to accept the gun and the claim could be made that you "modified" [!] the gun just as if you tinkered with the insides of the gun. On some oil based paints, even alcohol will not remove it thoroughly and just where do you find another replacement red sticker that the gun came with! A word to the wise. So too, various jurisdictions make it quite clear that to fiddle with that 'legally required' orange tip and cover it in black paint can be grounds for getting a nasty fine and quite possibly the airgun itself being confiscated! Be careful on 'that' one. You can read the horror stories for yourself on various websites not to mention unwanted and rather embarrassing [or worse!] confrontations with the police! We live in much different times now and airguns that 'greatly' resemble real firearms can lead to unwanted problems. Or worse.

Using 0.25 gram 6mm BB's, I've had no jams but also keep in mind that the FPS rating for this gun and, indeed, for 'many' Airsoft airguns [especially when the cited FPS seem just too good to be true or at least the 'why' of such a high FPS rating] are almost always based on results from using the very light 0.12 gram BB and hence a very inflated FPS rate is cited but ONLY because such a very light 6mm BB is being used. Personally, I find the 0.12 gram 6mm BB virtually worthless even on cheap "springers" and use the heavier 0.21 gram BB as a bare-bones minimum and 0.25 gram BB as a compromise [distance loss in favor of increased accuracy and 'punch' of the 6mm BB] notwithstanding] and preferred even over the 0.21 gram BB but here again, it's a matter of individual choice. As for the 0.28/0.32 gram range BB, too heavy for this gun, IMO, but, again, it's the result(s) ==YOU== get and are well satisfied with, not what others think you should use ... or not use. Ditto with 6mm BB manufacturer brand names.

I was very pleased with the purchase and thus far the gun has performed flawlessly in either semi or fully automatic. BTW, if you want some input as to the proper use of the adjustable hop-up mechanism, check out YouTube as there is much video information out there on this and various other airguns [you name it and it's there somewhere on YouTube] although it greatly helps to be able to differentiate the wheat from the chaff if you catch my drift. Ohhh, this too, on the 8.4 volt stick battery. BE CAREFUL and don't 'overcharge' the battery! A good investment and easy on the wallet is one of those so-called "smart chargers" which 'sense' when the battery is charged and shuts itself off. I like the idea that this gun comes with a nickel metal hydride [NiMH] battery versus nickel cadmium [NiCD] because with NiMH batteries, you can charge them up at 'any' point whereas NiCD batteries charging when they are not fully drained can actually hurt the battery! On the other hand, you have the option of getting a higher rated NiMH battery [1600 to 1800 milliampers] which lasts longer but always make certain [shipping errors and the wrong item sent when you order the batteries separately have been well known to happen!] that the VOLTAGE of the battery [in this gun, 8.4 Volts] is identical to the battery you are replacing or updating on any AEG. BTW, if you're brand new to battery packs, follow this formula: Take the milliamp rating of the battery pack [for example the 1100 mAh battery pack that comes with this gun] and DIVIDE the battery charging unit you have [** or the wall charger that comes with this gun which is rated at 250 mA] and in this case 1100 divided by 250, so you charge the battery for 4 hours and 40 minutes. Naturally, if you get a higher mAh battery pack and a different rated charger, the time will be different but the math will be the same, viz., milliamps of the battery pack and then divide the milliamp rating of the charger and that will give you the time frame to properly charge the battery. Remember, "more is better" ==DOES NOT APPLY== with battery charging! You can ruin a battery pack by overcharging it not to mention the risk of fire! This is why I highly recommend an "intelligent" battery charger which senses a charged battery and shuts itself off. And yes, all my reviews are rather wordy but I like to cover all the bases. Besides, YOU read it through! ;-)

Doc Tony

10 of 10 found the following review helpful:

5when I got this gun it was in a nice small sized package so it dosent take a lot ...Feb 14, 2015
By christb20
extremely impressed! this gun is extremely high powered. shoots really accurate at 25 yards. when I got this gun it was in a nice small sized package so it dosent take a lot of space in storage. this gun came with two 600 round mags. the only problem I have is with this gun is the wires are a pain in the ass to keep out of the way of the upper reciver. the gun looks real and is just as heavy as the real ak I shot a wile ago this gun is extremely ergonomic with the folding grip and that kick ass pistol grid. the trigger was very easy to pull about .5 Lbs. of pressure. the stalk is kind of a pain to fold but nothing I couldn't handle. and the gun came with a sling. the hop up is acsesed by pulling the charging handle. over all love this gun highly recommend this kick ass gun way better than my JG M4.
2 mags
folding stalk
hop up system
very accurate at range even
very high powered
very ergonomic
realistic look and feel
stalk is a pain to unfold
battery wires are a very tight fit inside the battery compartment

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