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Soft Air Famas Tactical Rifle/Red Dot Scope/Silencer/Light, Black
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Soft Air Famas Tactical Rifle/Red Dot Scope/Silencer/Light, Black

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Famas Tactical Rifle 370 FPS


High-Powered Heavyweight Spring Assault Rifle. 45 RD Mag Capacity

340-370 FPS with .12g BB, 275-300FPS with a .20g BB.

Integrated Tactical Flashlight and a Functional Red Dot Sight BOTH INCLUDED

BAX Shooting System. This offers exceptional Stability in performance with additional bonus of increased velocity and accuracy.

Unique "Bullpup" configuration with the ammo feed behind the trigger maximizing barrel length while maintaining efficient use in CQB maneuvers.

Replica air rifle with unique design and aggressive styling that help it stand out from other carbine rifles

Unique "Bullpup" configuration, with ammo feed behind trigger, maximizes barrel length while maintaining efficient use in CQB maneuvers

Red dot scope, silencer and tactical flashlight included; high density composite material

45-round ammunition magazine; muzzle speeds up to 370 feet per second (FPS) with 0.12-gram BBs and 300 FPS with 0.2-gram BBs

This product is restricted from shipment into the state of New York

Product Details:
Product Weight: 4.26 pounds
Package Length: 28.0 inches
Package Width: 12.0 inches
Package Height: 4.0 inches
Package Weight: 6.0 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 210 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 3.5 ( 210 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

166 of 180 found the following review helpful:

5Amazing gun for the price.Mar 05, 2011
By Jersey gamer
I, like most people, wanted good quality at a fair price. After looking at well over 100 guns, this particular gun looked the best. From distances within 20 feet, the shots are dead on accurate (after tweaking your sights to your preferences). Any farther and the BBs (I was using .12g) tend to curve up. It is easy to compensate for it if you know what you are doing. .20g BBs would probably fly straighter for longer. The gun seems sturdy and well built.

The silencer is useless because it doesn't make the gun quieter, just less accurate. The flashlight and the thing it sits on (I dunno what to call it) really just adds coolness to your gun, which really doesn't matter. The flashlight is more for indoors and dark, outside it just gives your position away. The red dot scope is an adjustable plus sign. The iron sights are adjustable also, but if you don't know how to use iron sights, your best bet is the red dot. There is no grip included. There is a switch on the side of that gun that says hop or normal, I couldn't find out anything about why those are there, if you know why, please respond in a comment.

This is probably one of the best spring rifles you will find that is less than $50. It is accurate, has a high FPS (around 350) and is fairly light if you use the sling included. This gun can be for beginners, but is geared more toward amateurs(beginners having never played, amateurs having some experience).

If you do decide to get this gun, be sure to have some kind of short range automatic if you are playing airsoft matches, and buy an extra mag for fast reloading.

81 of 86 found the following review helpful:

5Good Buy for the priceMar 28, 2011
By Joe
this gun fires well, Has a decent range and is Very accurate. needless to say the sight needs to be dialed in or it wont be accurate. but one its sighted properly it works great. I would DEFINATLY reccomend this to anyone who needs a spring rifle thats reliable

93 of 103 found the following review helpful:

5WOWApr 16, 2011
By Jacqueline M. Dewolfe
I bought this for my son and when he took it out of the box he was shocked to see how big it was. Also it cam with everything but a silencer but its only for looks. it also shots 370 fps.It also came in two days so I would rate this 5/5

32 of 35 found the following review helpful:

4good gunAug 04, 2011
By Amazon Customer
This is a great gun for the money. I've had this gun for about 4 1/2 months and it still works like new!

PROS:It is very easy to cock, and I can shoot it moderately fast.
#2 It's really accurate.
#3 Has a good feel.
#4 The clip holds 40 bb's. In my opinion, that's alot.

CONS:The Accessories are completely worthless. I wouldn't even try to put them on, unless you usually play at night. other than that ,don't use them.they just add bulk and weight. If you can buy a FAMAS without the accessories, then do so.
#2 The clip fell out once,but that may have been my fault.
#3 The clip release wouldn't push in, but after a couple of games or so It started working perfectly.
#4 Three BB's fall out if you remove the clip when it is not empty.
#5 You have to cock it once or twice upside-down to empty it completly ; but that might be a good thing, because it let's you know when your almost empty.
All of these cons are very minor to me, and I think it's a good buy.
One more con. the gun is made of two sides screwed together and they are starting to come apart beside the the clip but it's nothing a little glue can't fix. Thanks hope this can be a help.

14 of 14 found the following review helpful:

4Very good for priceNov 04, 2011
By ahumanbeing12
One of the better spring guns i have bought. the spring position lets you be able to get multiply shots off in a short period of time. Adjust hop-up if necessary. Cheap and still gives you a little sting from getting shot 75 feet away.

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